All Natural Jagua ~ Blue-Black Temporary Tattoos

San Francisco Bay Area

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Robyn Jean, San Francisco Bay Area All-Natural Jagua & Henna Artist

In-home Appointments : the artist can come to your location! These are recommended for large scale designs
'Pay by Design' Appointments : at locations in San Francisco, Berkeley/Oakland and Santa Cruz, CA

Jagua body art should be done in a calm and relaxing environment to properly care for the design. I do not recommend jagua for large parties. All-Natural Henna is much better and great for parties! What is the difference between jagua and henna?

It is very important to read through the Jagua Aftercare & Instructions, so you are well informed about how jagua works and how to prepare for your appointment before booking.

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Call: (415) 828-9397

Please include your contact information, dates & times you are available for an appointment or gathering, your location and if you have a special design request!